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a project by ensemble mosaik and Francois Sarhan
dedicated to the encyclopaedia by Francois Sarhan

The Encyclopaedia is a didactic work devoted to all fields of knowledge. It has the particularity of containing only fictional articles. Far from being a paradox, the non-verifiability of information in sciences is a common practice in the Middle Ages, think only of bestiaries. Moreover, things in there almost do not exist, but rightly so.

In the printed presentation of the Encyclopaedia, (drafted by Prof. Glaçon) one could question the classification of the articles. It may leave academics somewhat flummoxed: no index, several contradictory paginations, and the chapter headings have little (if any) link to the contents. Therefore the ensemble mosaik has taken the resolution to support the release of this website, which presents in a concise way the most useful and undisputable discoveries made the prof. Glaçon since his birth, in 2007. One might notice the presence of the ensemble mosaik itself, under cover, in some videos and articles. 



Visit the encyclopaedia:


Films with François Sarhan, Ernst Surberg, Enno Poppe, Karen Lorenz, Christian Vogel, Mathis Mayr, Niklas Seidl, Chatschatur Kanajan, Bettina Junge a.o.

Director, texts, music, images: François Sarhan
Camera: Jan-Holger Hennies
Sound director: Arne Vierck

Bettina Junge – flute
Christian Vogel – clarinet
Chatschatur Kanajan – violin
Karen Lorenz – viola
Mathis Mayr – cello
Niklas Seidl – cello, percussion
Ernst Surberg – keyboard, piano

Design: Peter Junge / JPJunge Design
Programming: Rama Gottfried

An ensemble mosaik production, funded by the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation.

Germany 2021