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Human bodies don’t simply disappear. They were kidnapped, buried, broken into pieces. But they are also searched for, recovered and if forensic experts achieve the unlikely, reconstructed as persons. These only return to their homes if they are identified as dead. An audiovisual journey through Mexico’s landscapes of disappearance, between mass graves and fragments, affected families and forensic anthropologists. In search for the human that remains, against the odds.

(For those who would like to screen the documentary for non-profit, activist, or educational purposes, we would be pleased to share the (password-protected) vimeo-link. Please contact Anne Huffschmid and/or Jan-Holger Hennies.)

Idea and research: Anne Huffschmid
Direction and audiovisual concept: Anne Huffschmid and Jan-Holger Hennies
Camera, sound, editing: Jan-Holger Hennies

Color grading: Rubén Castillo Pescina
Sound design: Adriana Álvarez
Camera 2013: Thomas Walther

With financial support by:
Brot für die Welt, using Church Development Service funds
Deutsche Stiftung Friedensforschung
Heinrich Böll Stiftung Ciudad de México
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit

A production within the research project “Forensic Landscapes” led by Anne Huffschmid at the Freie Universität Berlin

Language: Spanish with English and German subtitles (Original title: Persistencia)
Germany/Mexico 2019, Full HD, 54 minutes