Jan-Holger Hennies is a documentary filmmaker, editor and cinematographer based in Berlin.

His works explore different forms of film and web-based narratives, interested in creating alternate approaches to contexts of violence and practices of resistance. He enjoys to branch out of these topics though.

Over the past years, Jan has closely worked with investigator and director Anne Huffschmid, exploring the role of forensics as a means against forced disappearance and the current crisis of violence in Mexico. Outcome of this collaboration have been the webdocumentary “Forensic Landscapes” (2020) and the feature documentary “Persistence” (2019), among others. Jan also joined the Mexican Team for Forensic Anthropology (EMAF) in the creation of a “Forensic Pedagogy” and corresponding web-platform.

Other artistic endeavors include the multimedia exhibition “Enlaces | Links”, in collaboration with Mirjana Mitrovic, which focused on cyberfeminism and internet technology in Mexico and Germany.

Jan is an MA graduate from the Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology at the University of Manchester.

Film festivals and selected screenings


Ambulante (Sección Coordenadas), Mexico

dokumentarfilmwoche Hamburg 2020, Germany

ethnocineca, Vienna, Austria

LASA2020, Guadalajara, Mexico

Le Cinéma IFAL, Mexico City, Mexico

Museo Arocena, Torreón, Mexico


Cineforo Universidad, Guadalajara, Mexico

Cineteca Chihuahua, Chihuahua City, Mexico

Brot für die Welt, Berlin, Germany

Indigenous Film Screenings for International Mother Language Day, London, UK


Museo de Memoria y Tolerancia, Mexico City, Mexico

Native Spirit Film Festival, London, UK

Centro Cultural José Martí, Mexico City, Mexico

Goethe Institute Bogotá, Colombia

Goethe Institute Mexico City, Mexico

FIFEQ, Montreal, Canada

SEF Festival, Zadar, Croatia

Language and Identity Explorations through Film, OWRI Film Screening, Manchester, UK


OneWithAMovieCamera, Marburg, Germany

Viscult, Joensuu, Finland

SEF Festival, Zadar, Croatia

FIFEQ, Quebec and Montreal, Canada


Filmed Up, HOME Manchester, UK



“From solitude to desolation”, 2nd Biennale d’Architecture d’Orléans, France
(collective exhibition curated by Frida Escobedo + iii (Luciano Concheiro and Xavier Nueno))

“Enlaces | Links”, Atelierhaus im Anscharpark, Kiel, Germany


“Enlaces | Links”, Galerie bauchhund salonlabor, Berlin, Germany

“Enlaces | Links”, Atelier Farbfieber e.V., Düsseldorf, Germany

“Enlaces | Links”, Bezirk (Goethe-Zentrum), Guadalajara, Mexico

“Enlaces | Links”, Centro Cultural Alemán, Monterrey, Mexico


“Enlaces | Links”, Museo Casa de la Memoria Indómita, Mexico City, Mexico

“Was nützen Ihnen die Tatsachen? Wenn sie nicht wissen, was sie damit anfangen sollen!”, FMP1, Berlin, Germany (collective exhibition)



Special Award, Art competition “Was nützen Ihnen die Tatsachen? Wenn sie nicht wissen, was sie damit anfangen sollen!”, Willi Muenzenberg Forum, Berlin, Germany