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Forensic Landscapes

a webdocumentary by Anne Huffschmid and Pablo Martínez-Zárate

Come and explore this territory – it’s imaginary, but that doesn’t make it any less real. Traverse the limbo left by the disappeared and the landscapes shaped by the living – the families and forensic experts – who search in a decision to defy and resist the black hole of disappearance. As you pass through different spaces, territories, and periods in Latin America, take your time, look for signs. 
Everything will speak to you: objects, details, even what’s most unexpected. Your gaze will make the difference as it transforms the landscape. You’ll watch videos, read textual fragments, tour animated landscapes, and get to know the main characters.


This is a forensic journey:


A production by Freie Universität Berlin, in collaboration with the Iberoamerican Documentary Lab with support from the Volkswagen Foundation.

Research, director, script: Anne Huffschmid

Web Narrative Concept by: Anne Huffschmid and Pablo Martínez-Zárate
Art Director: Pablo Martínez-Zárate
Web Designer: José-Luis Rangel
Illustrator: Santiago Moyao
Programmer: Gerardo Vidal

Cinematography and Sound, Argentina, Guatemala, Mexico 2013: Thomas Walther
Cinematography and Sound, Mexico 2017-2019: Jan-Holger Hennies
Video Editor: Jan-Holger Hennies

Sound Designer for Video: Adriana Álvarez
Colorist for Video: Rubén Castillo Pescina
Ambient Sound Designer for Webdoc: Pablo Martínez-Zárate

Assistant Designer for Webdoc: Renata Arzac
Translator for English Web Content and Subtitles: Laura Elliott

Mexico/Germany 2020


Winner category “Webdoc”, FINNOF | International Festival of New Nonfiction Narratives, Rosario, Argentina


SIEF2021, Helsinki, Finland

IDFA DocLab Competition for Digital Storytelling (official selection), Amsterdam, Netherlands
FINNOF | International Festival of New Nonfiction Narratives, Rosario, Argentina